Support Midwifery

You CAN Make a Difference

Since the Midwifery Act was proclaimed in March of 2008 only four locations in the province have developed a program to offer midwifery services.

There are areas in Saskatchewan where the local hospitals are no longer doing deliveries and this requires individuals and their families to travel to urban centers to deliver their babies.   This puts a financial strain on families and can cause over-capacity concerns in urban hospitals.

MAS continues to lobby for increased funding to expand midwifery into more areas of the province. Though even as we press for increased midwifery services we need to understand that throughout Canada demand has already exceeded the supply of midwives. Expansion can only occur as more midwives become available through education or immigration.

Your actions combined with other concerned Saskatchewan residents are important in establishing, maintaining and protecting access to registered midwives for your own family and all the families of Saskatchewan.

Here are a few suggestions you might undertake to show your support:

  • SHARE YOUR BIRTH STORIES. Even if you haven’t had a midwife care for you personally you can spread the word that midwifery is publicly funded, safe, professional and family centered
  • CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MLA. Let them know you want midwifery available in your region. Find your MLA
  • CONTACT BOARD MEMBERS in the Saskatchewan Health Authority and ask for midwifery services.
  • CONTACT the MINISTER of HEALTH and let them know you want midwifery expanded in Saskatchewan
  • CONTACT the OPPOSITION HEALTH CRITIC  with your concerns and ideas.
  • CONTACT your LOCAL NEWSPAPERS through an interview or letter to the editor.  You may find others in your community who would also like to have midwifery services available to them.
  • WRITE LETTERS to the political contacts listed above.  We have provided a sample letter format if you need some ideas.

Tell two people, and have them tell two people and so on. Soon everyone in Saskatchewan will know about midwives!

Suggested Letter Example