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Saskatchewan Health Regions

In Saskatchewan, Registered Midwives are currently employed in only three of the 13 Regional Health Authorities; Saskatoon, Regina Qu’Appelle, and Cypress health regions.  We encourage you to contact your Regional Health Authority  if you would like to have midwifery care available in your health region.

Who Pays for Midwifery Services?

Midwives working in Saskatchewan are salaried employees and funding for services is provided by Saskatchewan Health.

Registered Midwives

For a list of Saskatchewan midwives and their current registration status, refer to the website for the Saskatchewan College of Midwives.


Midwifery Services in Saskatchewan:

Midwifery Services in Saskatoon:

Saskatoon Health Region
The midwifery program in the Saskatoon Health Region began in 2009.  Midwives can attend home births and have admitting privileges at Royal University Hospital, although the program’s midwifery office and clinic are in the Women’s Health Centre at Saskatoon City Hospital.

Midwifery Program
Saskatoon City Hospital
Room 1308 – 701 Queen Street
Saskatoon Sk. S7K 0M7
Phone: 306-655-7533
Fax: 306-655-7538

Midwives employed in the Saskatoon Health Region:

  • Debbie Mpofu
  • Jessica Bailey (French & English speaking)
  • Rosalind Lydiate
  • Romaine Abrams
  • Janice McCaskill
  • Alison Kinash

Midwifery Services in Regina Qu’appelle:

Regina Qu’appelle Health Region
The midwifery program in the Regina Qu’appelle Health Region began in 2010 and midwifery care is currently offered to women in Regina and Fort Qu’appelle (see below).  Midwives can attend home births in Regina and have admitting privileges at Regina General Hospital.

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Midwifery Program
1080 Winnipeg Street
Regina, SK
S4R 8P8
Phone: (306) 766-6344
Fax: (306) 766-6945

Midwives employed in Regina:

  • Teegan Odell (on leave)
  • Joanna South Perras
  • Tracy Hydeman
  • Lindsay Vanderburg (on leave)
  • Sarah Booth
  • Julia Moxley

Fort Qu’appelle
All Nations’ Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’appelle is affiliated with the Regina Qu’appelle Health Region.  Midwives in Fort Qu’Appelle have admitting privileges at Regina General Hospital and can also attend deliveries in the new birth center at All Nations’ Healing Hospital.

Women’s Health Center
All Nations’ Healing Hospital
Box 300
Fort Qu’appelle, SK. S0G 1S0
Phone: 306-332-2673
Fax: 306-332-2677

Midwives employed in Fort Qu’appelle:

  • Debbie Vey
  • Jacky Freislich Nduru

Midwifery Services in Cypress:

Cypress Health Region
The midwifery program in Cypress Health Region began in 2009 and midwifery services are currently offered in Swift Current.

Midwifery Program
Primary Health Care
350 Cheadle Street W, 5th Floor
Swift Current , Sk. S9H 4G3
Phone: 306-778-5118 or 1-877-401-8071

Midwives employed in Swift Current:

  • Maud Addai
  • Florence Idiong

Can I safely deliver my baby in my home?

"The best available evidence from North America and international studies demonstrates that midwife attended home births are associated with optimal labour and birth outcomes. Midwife attended planned home births in Canada are associated with fewer obstetrical interventions and no increase in maternal/fetal/neonatal mortality or morbidity compared to births planned to be in hospital."
- Position Statement on Home Birth, from The Canadian Association of Midwives

What to expect from midwifery care

Informed choice: discussions throughout the childbearing year regarding diagnostic tests and procedures commonly used in pregnancy, labour or postpartum.

Continuity of care: midwives in Saskatchewan typically work in teams of 2–3 midwives.

Choice of birthplace: discussion regarding suitability and preference for choice of birthplace (home, hospital or birth center).

Collaborative care: as primary health care providers, midwives can consult with other health care professionals when necessary. Shared care with a physician may be possible in certain circumstances.

Accessibility: your midwife (or the midwives in the same team) is available after hours (24/7) for urgent concerns.

Postpartum support: postpartum home visits in the first week postpartum to monitor the wellbeing of mother and baby, as well as for breast feeding support.

Home visits: typically one prenatal home visit and several postpartum home visits.