Become a Midwife

The Canadian standard for midwifery education is a baccalaureate degree in midwifery (B. Mid.).

To practice legally as a midwife in Saskatchewan, it is necessary to apply for registration with the Saskatchewan College of Midwives. To qualify for registration, the applicant must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Registration in another Canadian province or territory. To be eligible the applicant must be in good standing and hold an unrestricted licence in that province or territory.
  • Graduation from a recognised Canadian four-year direct-entry education program.
  • Completion of an approved assessment program for internationally trained midwives

For a list of all Canadian midwifery education programs, including the approved assessment programs for internationally trained midwives, click here:

Important Note:

Saskatchewan does not yet have its own education program. Those in Saskatchewan who wish to train as a midwife must leave the province to do so.